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Getting rid of sweating once and forever was never cheaper!

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  • Electro Antiperspirant® Sensitive

    Daria 06.12.2023

    I had a really big problem with sweaty palms. Even as a teenager, my palms were literally dripping with sweat. I thought about this device for a long time and after a year I got it. The result is now really good, I should have bought it much earlier. For several months now not a drop of sweat has dripped from my hands.

  • Electro Antiperspirant® Forte

    Martin 13.02.2020

    This machine is worth it. After six uses I am finally dry. It's like a dream. Thanks

  • Electro Antiperspirant® ELITE

    James 09.11.2022

    I am happy to report that the sweating disappeared after 6 treatments, 3 months have passed and it still has not returned. I didn't want to jinx it, so I'm just writing now. How should I proceed when the sweating starts to return, thank you for your reply.

  • Electro Antiperspirant® Forte

    Katarzyna 21.10.2022

    It's incredible that something so small can do so much. If I had known in advance that Electro Antiperspirant worked as well as it does, I would have paid triple the price.

  • Electro Antiperspirant®

    Jeffrey 13.09.2015

    All my life, I could not really go out because my head sweat so bad. You can hide your hands and feet, but not your head. And that was ruining my life. I came across Electro Antiperspirant quite by chance at the doctor and he recommended me to you. You've probably guessed how it all turned out. I am absolutely dry . Those streams of sweat that used to run down my face are all gone. Thank you so much.

  • Electro Antiperspirant®

    Jose Garibaldi 13.09.2016

    After 6 sessions my scalp sweating gone! Now, I am sweat free for 2 months. Still dry!!!

  • Electro Antiperspirant® Forte

    Umesh Vishkarna 21.11.2020

    Delivery to south Goa was really fast as well as the results. I am sweat free on my face and palms second month now (from the last therapy).