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Iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant was first considered as an absolute solution to excessive sweating already in 2008, after 2 years of development involving the best doctors in the field of dermatology - a science that deals with, among other things, excessive sweating on various parts of the body. The first Electro Antiperspirant with patented technology, which during clinical testing has secured it absolute global leadership in the treatment of excessive sweating, saw the light of day. During the clinical trial, the first Electro Antiperspirant helped absolutely all the people treated with it (link to clinical study).


Over time, and also thanks to tens of thousands of satisfied customers, Electro Antiperspirants have changed, the duration of effects has been extended, the treatment has become more comfortable and, with the latest generation of Electro Antiperspirants, fully automatic. What has remained the same is the effectiveness on everyone and every kind of sweating, including stress sweating. With Electro Antiperspirants, it doesn't matter what is causing your problems with sweating, they stop it completely on any part of the body in just a few days and the effects last for months when you won't even know about sweating. After that, it is enough to repeat a few treatments and you are sweat-free again for a VERY long time.


Safety has always been a primary concern with Electro Antiperspirants. Every Electro Antiperspirant is a certified medical device that is used by hospitals, clinics and more than 150.000 customers worldwide. If you are serious about eliminating excessive sweating, Electro Antiperspirant is the definite answer to all the problems that excessive sweating causes in your life. All backed by a money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.