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Iontophoresis 3rd generation


We have been selling iontophoresis against sweating since 2010 and in that time we have relieved sweating on any part of the body of more than 150.000 people. When discussing Electro Antiperspirant iontophoresis, it is good to mention that it is not a regular iontophoresis.


Electro Antiperspirants use a patented solution that absolutely and radically raises the effectiveness of iontophoresis against sweating, as the first and so far only solution to excessive sweating in the world, they have clinically proven effectiveness in 100% of patients.


Today's Electro Antiperspirants use patented 3rd generation iontophoresis technology that not only helps everyone, but is also pleasant to use and most importantly very safe. Get rid of sweating anywhere on your body once and for all too.


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