Electro Antiperspirant Against Excessive Sweating Anywhere on Body

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Electro Antiperspirant USA +1 305 600 2974
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Doctor's opinion

Department of Dermatology at the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University and the General University Hospital uses Electro Antiperspirant ELITE for removal of excessive sweating since 2016. Over the period of its use, we have experienced a significant and long-term retreat of difficulties in the treated patients, which are caused by the diagnosis of excessive sweating. The device is applicable especially to the area of the palms of hands, feet and armpits. With additional anatomical adapters, the area of the head, abdomen, back and buttocks can also be treated. Thanks to the new built-in pulse technology, therapy can also be performed in sensitive individuals by simply reducing the pulse value during therapy. The device can be powered directly from the mains or built-in high-capacity battery, and thanks to protective technology used, its use is completely safe.*
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Prof. MD. Jiri Stork, PhD.
Head of the Department of Dermatology
at the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University
and the General University Hospital

User Experience

Sweating receded after a fortnight and it's been like that for the third week. Taking into account that sweat used to bucket down my feet, it's an amazing result. Hats off.*Cristian, Brazil

Did you know...

  • Electro Antiperspirant utilizes a brand-new generation iontophoresis technology?
  • The fastest onset of the effects of Electro Antiperspirant was only two days?
  • We provide support to our users to achieve the best results possible?
  • You will get your money back if Electro Antiperspirant does not help you?

*Results can vary based on individual circumstances.